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Here you will get CBSE Class 8 Notes of SST-Geography. These notes will help you to score 99% in your Boards Exams. These are the toppers Notes of CBSE who scored 100 in his CBSE Exams. You will get Social Science Notes of Class 8 based on the new Class 8 Syllabus FREE of cost and download the PDF.

CBSE Class 8 Social Science Geography Notes – PDF Download

CBSE Class 8 is an interesting year for students. It is also an important year, as in the next class they will have to do the board exams. Whatever the students study as per the CBSE Class 8 Syllabus, will lay the foundation for their upcoming board exams. Hence, the NCERT book for Class 8 Science will also be useful for them. These books are created by subject experts with a proper focus on detailed chapter-wise topics and concepts as per the syllabus for Class 8.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8

Benefits of Notes for Class 8 Social Science

a) Will help you to revise all important concepts prior to the school exams of Class 8 in a timely manner

b) Short notes for each chapter given in the latest Class 8 books for Social Science will help you to learn and redo all main concepts just at the door of the exam hall.

c) The notes provided by has been prepared specially for Class 8 exam students so that they can get best rank in the upcoming Class 8 exam

d) You will get comfort that you have revised all important topics of Social Science and you will not have to carry the entire book in the exam

e) Download all PDF notes for Class 8 Social Science and be assured that you have covered all.

FAQ’s on Class 8 SST Notes

Where can I download latest Class 8 Social Science notes ?

You can download notes for Class 8 Social Science for latest session from

Can I download the Notes for Class 8 Social Science in PDF ?

Yes – You can click on the links above and download chapterwise Notes PDFs for Class 8 Social Science

Are the Notes available for the latest session ?

Yes – The Notes issued for Class 8 have been made available here for latest session

How can I download the Notes ?

You can easily access the links above and download the Class 8 Notes for Social Science for each chapter.

Do you also have Class 8 NCERT Books and solutions for Class 8 Social Science ?

Yes – StudyRate team has also provided free Class 8 solutions for all questions

Is there any charge for the Notes ?

There is no charge for the Notes for Class 8 you can download everything free

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