Class 10 Arihant’s All in One Science PDF (2024)

Are you a Class 10 student looking for a comprehensive and reliable resource to study science? Look no further than Class 10 Arihant’s All in One Science PDF (2024). In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and why this book is a must-have for every science student. So, let’s dive in!

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Class 10 Arihant All in One Science PDFArihant’s All in One Science – Class 10
Author: Anubia & Rashmi Gupta Sonal Singh, Ruchi Kapoor, Imran Ahmad 
Topic: Science
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Class 10 Arihant All in One Science PDF Download

Arihant’s All in One Science Class 10 PDF (2024) is a comprehensive study material designed specifically for Class 10 students who are preparing for their science examinations. It is a trusted resource that covers the entire syllabus prescribed by the respective educational boards. With this PDF, students can enhance their understanding of the subject, strengthen their concepts, and improve their overall performance in exams.

Salient Features of Class 10 Arihant’s All in One Science

  • Comprehensive coverage of the entire science syllabus for Class 10.
  • Detailed explanations and examples for better understanding.
  • Solved examples and practice questions for self-assessment.
  • Important concepts highlighted for quick revision.
  • Diagrams, illustrations, and flowcharts for visual learning.
  • Separate sections for value-based and application-based questions.
  • Model test papers for exam preparation.
  • Access to additional online resources for further learning.

About Arihant All in One Science

  • Total Pages: 475
  •  Size: 43 MB
  • Publications: Arihant
  • Language: English
  • Quality: Good
  • Source: Telegram
  • Link Type: Google Drive

Reviews on Arihant All in One Science

Book content is really nice and many important questions for practice. Page of this book are not really good some are damaged and some are tore. It also have activity study link and mind map link also. It includes challengers question. But the page quality is really waste all the pages comes out after continuous use

Superb book point to point defination every think is good and extra que and mcq nice book for science….. I recommend it to buy best book for 10 boards….

This book is awesome and is must ,it covers everything and also ncert explained in simple words and this book is all you need to crack boards including sample papers
I highly recommend!!!

It’s a good book for Class X CBSE Students.

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Benefits of Using Arihant’s All in One Science Class 10 PDF (2024)

  1. Complete Syllabus Coverage: The PDF provides in-depth coverage of all the topics mentioned in the Class 10 science syllabus. Students can rely on this resource to obtain a thorough understanding of the subject.
  2. Conceptual Clarity: The book explains complex scientific concepts in a simplified manner, allowing students to grasp the fundamentals easily. It promotes conceptual clarity and helps students build a strong foundation in science.
  3. Exam Preparation: Arihant’s All in One Science Class 10 PDF (2024) includes solved examples, practice questions, and model test papers that assist students in preparing for their exams effectively. It provides ample opportunities for self-assessment and improves overall performance.
  4. Visual Learning: The inclusion of diagrams, illustrations, and flowcharts enhances visual learning. Visual aids help students visualize abstract concepts and make learning more engaging and interactive.
  5. Additional Online Resources: The PDF provides access to online resources such as supplementary materials, sample papers, and question banks. These resources enable students to further enhance their knowledge and practice for exams.


Arihant’s All in One Science Class 10 PDF (2024) is a valuable resource for Class 10 students seeking comprehensive coverage of the science syllabus. With its detailed explanations, practice questions, and additional online resources, it serves as an effective tool for exam preparation. By using this PDF, students can develop a strong foundation in science and achieve academic success.

FAQs about Arihant All in One

Which is better all in one or Xam’s idea?

 All In One if you want good questions & questions that are asked previous years in Board Exams. If you want a Good quantity SUMMARY & MIND MAP for easy learning, then go for X’Am Idea

Can I rely solely on Arihant’s All in One Science Class 10 PDF (2024) for exam preparation?

While the PDF provides comprehensive coverage, it is recommended to consult your school textbooks and reference materials for a holistic understanding of the subject.

Are the practice questions in the PDF aligned with the exam pattern?

Yes, the practice questions are designed to align with the typical exam pattern, ensuring that students are well-prepared for their examinations.

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