GK Olympiad Class 10 – Syllabus , Books , PYQ

GK Olympiad Class 10

General Knowledge for Class 10 Olympiad exams for students holds a lot of importance, as grade 10 is considered as the turning point in a student’s life. SSC general awareness benefits students who plan to appear for national and international competitive exams. It prepares students to tackle various questions based on their surroundings, environment, media, language & literature, current affairs, science and technology and lot more. There are different exercises that consist of wide array of topics. It assists in increasing awareness about the country and the world. It also gives them a break from monotonous studies. It helps them to indulge in something else, after all a little deviation from school syllabus is required in today’s age. Indian Talent Olympiad’s GK book allows students to gauge the difficulty level of questions asked in the competitive exams. The books provided are informative and content designed is at par with national standards.

Preparation Material for Class 10 General Knowledge Olympiad

Topics For Olympiad Class 10:

  • Plants & Animals
  • Our Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • India & The World
  • Social Studies
  • Language, Literature, Media
  • Sports
  • Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning
  • Life Skills
  • Current Affairs
  • Logical Reasoning

General Knowledge Book:

General Knowledge plays a major role in present aspects. Students of Class 10 can express their interests in General Knowledge by registering their name for General Knowledge International Olympiad exam through their schools. Books for the same are designed by Indian Talent Olympiad, which is a leading organization that conducts Olympiad exams in different subjects. General Knowledge book for Class 10 contain ample amount of questions with answers and explanations. The workbooks are available online with detailed information on different topics. This helps them to comprehend better the type of questions asked in the exam. The workbooks include logical reasoning section for students as an additional benefit to enhance their reasoning skills. It also helps them to prepare for school exams.

General Knowledge Question Paper:

General Knowledge International Olympiad is a national & international level Olympiad exam conducted for all students across the country. Highly qualified subject teachers of Indian Talent Olympiad have analysed the syllabus of the exam. In order to be well prepared for the exams, a student should have thorough knowledge of the topic. When a student is clear about the question pattern, he or she can easily continue preparing for it. It helps students to solve difficult questions and teaches them time management skills which are beneficial for them during their Board exams. Students should analyse the strengths and weakness of them using general knowledge sample paper.

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