You are currently viewing Download Pearson Complete Guide to NTSE class 10 – Best Book for NTSE

Download Pearson Complete Guide to NTSE class 10 – Best Book for NTSE

Download Pearson Complete Guide to NTSE class 10 PDF Free. Download A Complete Guide to the NTSE National Talent Search Examination For Class X. Download Trishna’s NTSE guide PDF free.

Download Pearson Complete Guide to NTSE class 10 PDF / NTSE Guide PDF

To this end, the NCERT conducts the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), India’s most prestigious school level examination, for students studying in the tenth standard, to identify students gifted with high intellectual prowess and reward them for their academic excellence. Appearing for a national-level competitive examination as the NTSE helps students arrive at an honest assessment of their analytical skills, and ability to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom vis-a-vis students across the country. Download Pearson Complete Guide to NTSE class 10

While those successful in the written test of this single-stage examination are awarded financial scholarships by the NCERT, the bigger incentive is the prestige and honor associated with the recognition. In addition, a good performance in these tests will be a valuable credential embellishing one’s profile. In fact, the very process of preparation and appearing for these tests can be a very enriching experience simply because of the joy associated with learning something new about the world around us. In order to excel in a highly competitive examination like the NTSE, one needs to thoroughly understand the fundamentals in each of the areas tested and prepare accordingly. Download Pearson Complete Guide to NTSE class 10

A Complete Guide to the NTSE for Class X equips the aspirants to succeed in this test, regarded by many as the most prestigious examination at the school level. As NTSE is now conducted for class X students instead of class VIII, the change is reflected in the matter presented in the book and the way it is structured. This book is divided into two sections according to the pattern of the examination- Mental Aptitude Test (MAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). It aims at offering much-required practice and strengthening the skills of students not only for this examination but also for the various others to follow in their academic future.


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This can be achieved only by a deeper understanding of the concepts involved, something which cannot be catered to in a regular school program for varying reasons. Under the current pattern, the NTSE comprises two sections of equal weightage under multiple-choice question format—Mental Aptitude Test (MAT), and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). SAT tests a student’s aptitude in Science, Mathematics, and Social Science, all of which are formally taught as a part of the regular school curriculum, unlike the MAT section.

Download Pearson Complete Guide to NTSE

Pearson Complete Guide to NTSEDownload PDF

Students must understand the NTSE syllabus properly before applying for the exam. Stay tuned with Study Rate to get the latest news and notifications on the NTSE exam, along with sample papers, marking schemes, and other exam-related details.

NTSE preparation books 2021

For the NTSE preparation, all the students must buck up and start preparing in order to score well. Since the examination level is a little difficult and the competition level is very high, the aspirants must select the best books for NTSE 2021 exam and start preparing for the examination. Apart from playing an essential role in exam preparation, books help the students in preparing a strategy and chalking out a full schedule to be able to complete the whole syllabus well in time.

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