You are currently viewing NTSE Books 2023: List of Best Books for NTSE Subject-Wise MAT-SAT

NTSE Books 2023: List of Best Books for NTSE Subject-Wise MAT-SAT

The National Talent Research Examination (NTSE) is a prestigious scholarship exam to identify students with talent and help them with a scholarship for their future academic careers. The NTSE exam is conducted in 2 stages which are: Stage 1 and Stage 2. The NTSE Stage 1 is a state-level examination conducted by the union territories and states in India. Stage 2 is a national-level examination conducted by NCERT. Students qualifying for the Stage 1 exam are only eligible to participate in the NTSE Stage 2 exam.

“There is no ideal book for NTSE preparations. Some are too easy and some are having too tough content for NTSE preparation.” 

NTSE preparation books 2023

For the NTSE preparation, all the students must buck up and start preparing in order to score well. Since the examination level is a little difficult and the competition level is very high, the aspirants must select the best books for NTSE 2023 exam and start preparing for the examination. Apart from playing an essential role in exam preparation, books help the students in preparing a strategy and chalking out a full schedule to be able to complete the whole syllabus well in time.

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Following a good preparation book is one of the most important steps to prepare for an examination. There are thousands of NTSE books available in the book market and on the internet but it’s not possible for students to follow or go through every one of them. NCERT books are one of the best books to prepare for the examination. A list of the most effective and popular NTSE Exam Books is given below so that students can prepare for their exams more efficiently.

Best Books for NTSE 2023

While the syllabus of NTSE is largely based on the syllabus of Class 9th and 10th, there are some highly recommended books by experts to help the students nail the NTSE examination. The preparatory books offer valuable study material to the students for them to be able to practice different types of questions. The preparatory books cover every subject and topic, hence a student would have everything together and there won’t be any need of studying from different books for every subject. To qualify for the Stage-II examinations, students need to secure at least 40% respectively each in MAT and SAT in the stage-I examination. Below we have listed some of the best books for the preparation of NTSE:

List Of Best And Most Effective NTSE Books

Books for NTSEPublisher            Price
Study Package for NTSE Class X McGraw-Hill Publications  Between Rs 500-Rs 700
Practice Test Papers for NTSE Class X 1st EditionMcGraw-Hill PublicationsAround Rs 400
Study Guide NTSE (MAT + SAT) for Class 10th 2021-2022Arihant ExpertsAround Rs 450-Rs 500
Pearson Guide to NTSE Class 10 (English) 1st Edition Pearson IndiaRs 575
Target NTSE Class 10 Stage 1 & 2 Solved Papers (2015 – 19)Disha ExpertsRs 350
A Comprehensive Manual for NTSE for Class X (English)Access Publishing Rs 450

Subject-wise books for NTSE 2023

NTSE Books for Social Science

For NTSE Social Science exam, candidates must follow the following books:

  • India and the Contemporary World 1 and 2 (NCERT)
  • Democratic Politics (NCERT Class 10)
  • Contemporary India (Class 9th and 10th)

NTSE Books for Mathematics

The NCERT course books for class 9th and class 10th must be finished to prepare for the mathematics section of NTSE. Also, students can refer to RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal Mathematics books for additional reference

NTSE Books for Science

  • The NCERT textbooks of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry for classes 9th and 10th must be thoroughly finished
  • NTSE Books for Mental Aptitude Test (MAT)
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (RS Aggarwal) is the recommended book for the NTSE MAT preparation

Best Books For NTSE SAT

Subjects like Maths, Physics, and Chemistry require a lot of practice for which you must solve each and every question given at the back of each chapter. The number of questions in the State board books and NCERT books is not enough for the preparation. So, once you’re done with all the State board and NCERT questions you must look out for practice sheets. These practice sheets give you enough material to practice from.

Best Book For NTSE MAT

Moreover, for the preparation of MAT, State Board and NCERT books do not provide anything. MAT is a quintessential part and requires consistent practice. To prepare for the MAT section, you must understand the verbal and non-verbal concepts first, and then you must solve practice sheets to cover as many questions as you can.

When you are done with your school books and practice sheets, you should invest your time in sample papers and previous years’ question papers. This is one of the most effective ways to prepare for NTSE or any competitive exam in general. There’s no point splurging your parents’ money on irrelevant books that do not even help you reach your potential. State board books, NCERT books, and standard study material are all you need for your NTSE preparation. A deeper understanding of the subjects and consistent practice is the key to acing NTSE.

NTSE Sample Papers

After studying thoroughly for the NTSE exam, a student must solve the NTSE sample papers or refer to previous years’ NTSE question papers. By solving these papers, a student would be able to analyze their performances and be able to work more on their weaker sections. Sample papers would also help the aspirant in time management and would provide an idea of the type of questions asked along with the marking scheme.

Students planning to appear in the NTSE exam can follow these NTSE books to prepare for the exam. Students must have the ability to understand each and every concept to excel in the NTSE exam. They must improve their analytical thinking which is one of the vital aspects of NTSE exam preparation. Students are suggested to follow the NTSE books for Class 10 given in the table which can help them to develop their logical reasoning skills, concepts, and fundamentals.

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