Class 9 Maths: Case Study Questions of Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes PDF Download

Case study Questions on Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 13 are very important to solve for your exam. Class 9 Maths Chapter 13 Case Study Questions have been prepared for the latest exam pattern. You can check your knowledge by solving case study-based questions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes

In CBSE Class 9 Maths Paper, Students will have to answer some questions based on Assertion and Reason. There will be a few questions based on case studies and passage-based as well. In that, a paragraph will be given, and then the MCQ questions based on it will be asked.

Surface Areas and Volumes Case Study Questions With answers

Here, we have provided case-based/passage-based questions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes

Case Study/Passage Based Questions

A class teacher brings some clay in the classroom to teach the topic of mensuration. First she forms a cylinder of radius 6 cm and height 8 cm and then she molds that cylinder into sphere.

Find the volume of the cylindrical shape.
(a) 288 π cm3 (b) 244 π cm3
(c) 240 π cm3 (d) 216 π cm3

Answer: (a) 288 π cm3

When clay changes into one shape to other, which of the following remains same?
(a) Area (b) C.S.A (c) Radius (d) Volume

Answer: (d) Volume

The radius of the sphere is
(a) 2 cm (b) 4 cm (c) 5 cm (d) 6 cm

Answer: (d) 6 cm

Find the volume of sphere, the teacher made.
(a) 288π cm3 (b) 184π cm3
(c) 240π cm3 (d) 216π cm3

Case Study/Passage Based Questions

Ankita realised the need of food for birds on her terrace and decided to make a bird feeder. She got a flexible plastic rectangular sheet of size 44 cm × 15 cm. She rolled it along its length and joined the two opposite ends using a tape for circular base of cylinder. She found a square sheet of size 15 cm × 15 cm by cutting it into required circular shape she prepared the bird feeder as shown in figure.

The curved surface area of the cylinder formed is
(a) 550 cm2 (b) 660 cm2
(c) 430 cm2 (d) 840 cm2

Answer: (b) 660 cm2

The radius of the base of the cylinder is
(a) 5 cm (b) 6 cm (c) 7 cm (d) 8 cm

Answer: (c) 7 cm

The area of the circular base required for the cylinder is
(a) 154 cm2 (b) 164 cm2
(c) 240 cm2 (d) 184 cm2

Answer: (a) 154 cm2

How much will be the area of square sheet left unused after removing the circular base of the cylinder from it?
(a) 78 cm2 (b) 62 cm2
(c) 75 cm2 (d) 71 cm2

Answer: (d) 71 cm2

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