Class 10 Maths Case Study Questions Chapter 6 Triangles PDF Download

Case study Questions in the Class 10 Mathematics Chapter 6 are very important to solve for your exam. Class 10 Maths Chapter 6 Case Study Questions have been prepared for the latest exam pattern. You can check your knowledge by solving Class 10 Maths Case Study Questions Chapter 6 Triangles

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In CBSE Class 10 Maths Paper, Students will have to answer some questions based on Assertion and Reason. There will be a few questions based on case studies and passage-based as well. In that, a paragraph will be given, and then the MCQ questions based on it will be asked.

Triangles Case Study Questions With Answers

Here, we have provided case-based/passage-based questions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 6 Triangles

Case Study/Passage-Based Questions

Case Study 1:

Meenal was trying to find the height of the tower near his house. She is using the properties of similar triangles. The height of Meenal’s house is 20 m. When Meenal’s house casts a shadow of 10m long on the ground, at the same time, the tower casts a shadow of 50 m long and Arun’s house casts a shadow of 20 m long on the ground as shown below.

Based on the above information, answer the following questions.

(i) What is the height of the tower?

(a) 100 m(b) 50 m(c) 15 m(d) 45 m

Answer: (a) 100 m

(ii) What will be the length of the shadow of the tower when Meenal’s house casts a shadow of 15 m? 

(a) 45 m(b) 70 m(c) 75 m(d) 72 m

Answer: (c) 75 m

(iii) Height of Aruns house is 

(a) 80 m(b) 75 m(c) 60 m(d) 40 m

Answer: (d) 40 m

(iv) If the tower casts a shadow of 40 rn, then find the length of the shadow of Arun’s house 

(a) 18 m(b) 17 m(c) 16 m(d) 14 m

Answer: (b) 17 m

(v) If the tower casts a shadow of 40 m, then what will be the length of the shadow of Meenal’s house? 

(a) 7 m(b) 9 m(c) 4 m(d) 8 m

Answer: (d) 8 m

Case Study 2:

Rohan wants to measure the distance of a pond during the visit to his native. He marks points A and B on the opposite edges of a pond as shown in the figure below. To find the distance between the points, he makes a right-angled triangle using a rope connecting B with another point C is a distance of 12m, connecting C to point D at a distance of 40m from point C, and connecting D to the point A which is are a distance of 30m from D such the ADC=900.

jagran josh

1. Which property of geometry will be used to find the distance AC?

a) Similarity of triangles

b) Thales Theorem

c) Pythagoras Theorem

d) Area of similar triangles

Answer: c)Pythagoras Theorem

2. What is the distance AC?

a) 50m

b) 12m

c) 100m

d) 70m

Answer: a) 50m

3. Which is the following does not form a Pythagoras triplet?

a) (7, 24, 25)

b) (15, 8, 17)

c) (5, 12, 13)

d) (21, 20, 28)

Answer: d) (21, 20, 28)

4. Find the length AB?

a) 12m

b) 38m

c) 50m

d) 100m

Answer: b) 38m

5. Find the length of the rope used.

a) 120m

b) 70m

c) 82m

d) 22m

Answer: c)82m

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